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IMP supplies centrifugally cast furnace rollers up to 1200 mm O.D. These rollers are delivered assembled, ready to use, fully machined and – if required – statically or dynamically balanced.
Ceramic or metallic coatings of various types can be supplied to meet special surface requirements.
Following are some roller types:

  • Dry/Wet rollers for steel plants
  • Looper rollers and exit table rollers for hot strip mills, dry or internally water cooled, in special alloy HW 20-13S
  • Wrapper rollers for coilers
  • Rollers for heat treatment furnaces
  • Charging/discharging rollers for walking beam furnaces
  • Transport rollers
  • Rollers for galvanizing line
  • Other galvanizing line products

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Radiant tubes

IMP supplies radiant tubes using centrifugally cast tubes (min. thickness of 7mm.) and static precision cast return bends.

The radiant tubes are usually supplied assembled with all accessories (flanges, front plate, insulation material, compensator, etc.) and pressure tested.

Various radiant tube shapes can be delivered:

  • Radiant tubes for bell furnaces
  • Double P-type radiant tubes
  • P-type radiant tubes
  • W-type radiant tubes
  • U-type radiant tubes
  • Single end radiant tubes

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Heat recuperators

Cast recuperator elements are produced using a special pouring method, based on the precision shell-molding process or by using the investment casting process. Single precision cast finned elements are produced for diameters from 76 mm. to 320 mm. For diameters larger than 320 mm., a fabricated construction can be supplied.

Along with the single cast elements, entire recuperators, fully assembled and complete with burner parts can be supplied.

Following are the main applications for these products:

  • Recuperators for radiant tubes
  • Recuperators for recuperative burners
  • Stack recuperators for bell furnaces

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Cast sieve plates

Cast sieve plates for iron ore sintering in steel plants are normally supplied in thickness ranges from 12 mm. up to 25 mm., in various configurations:
These cast plates are produced in various high-alloy steels in order to provide the best wear resistance and service life.

  • Perforated
  • Blind
  • Blind with wear ribs
  • Perforated with wear ribs

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Cast conveyors belts

Cast link conveyor belts are produced in a range of alloys to withstand working temperatures up to 1100°C (2000°F)

All kinds of cast conveyor elements are produced using a special pouring method based on the precision shell molding process or on the investment cast process.
The conveyor belts can be delivered complete with support rollers, drive/return rollers and lower support system.
If required, the correct running of the assembled cast link belts can be tested on a stand at the foundry prior to shipment.

The standard link pitches are:
• 3″ (76 mm.)
• 4″ (102 mm.)
• 5″ (127 mm.)
• 3/8″ (157 mm.)

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    Fan wheels

    IMP supplies fan wheels for high temperature service which are fully machined and dynamically balanced. They can be produced in the following typical configurations:

    • single fan
    • fan and shaft
    • fan, shaft composed construction (cast and wrought material)

    Fan wheels are cast in special alloys for:

    • carburizing furnaces
    • annealing furnaces
    • quenching furnaces
    • tempering furnaces
    • vacuum furnaces

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      Muffles and retorts

      Muffles and retorts up to 47.2″ (1200 mm.) O.D. can be produced using the centrifugally cast process. For larger diameters, we may use the static cast process or we may fabricate using rolled and welded alloy plates. Typical applications include:

      • Round muffles with or without internal static cast spirals
      • “D”-section muffles for sintering of metal pressed powders
      • Muffles for metal ores reduction
      • Muffles for the heat treatment of small metal parts
      • Retorts for gas generators for controlled atmosphere furnaces

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      Trays and fixtures

      Trays and fixtures for heat-treatment furnaces are produced in a wide range of sizes using various molding methods such as:

      • shell molding
      • green sand molding
      • air set molding
      • centrifugal casting
      • investment casting

      Other types of heat treatment equipment are produced by fabrication and welding of wrought and cast parts.
      Thousands of patterns in storage allow optimal economical solutions, even for small series or single pieces.

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        IMP supplies numerous components in heat resistance alloys (for use up to working temperatures of 1100°C) for walking beam furnaces. According to load and working conditions, IMP can design specific shapes and dimensions.
        The production for walking beam furnaces includes:

        • Cast column heads
        • Seals for movable columns
        • Charging/Discharging rollers
        • Charging/Discharging doors
        • Fixed and movable columns
        • Cast beams
        • Inspection doors
        • Levers and castings for kick-in and kick-off machines

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        IMP supplies riders for walking beam furnaces in more than 100 different designs. These riders are cast in Cobalt base alloy as well as Loymax superalloys they are designed according to furnace size and temperature.

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          Charge supports

          IMP supplies supports for heat treatment of heavy forged parts that can be produced in various sizes and shapes in order to satisfy customer’s requirements. IMP’s charge supports have an high creep resistance, they allow a special lightweight construction, they are dimensional stable and they can be produced with special alloy Loymax for working temperatures up to 1’180°C.

          • Single piece charge support for length up to 3’000mm
          • Modular charge supports for various length combinations
          • Welded charge supports produced with a combination of welded static and centrifugal castings

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